An Unobstructed Mind: The art of Helmut Barnett

Helmut Barnett: Solo Show

The first thing that you notice about Helmut Barnett’s paintings is their sheer scale and transparency of color. No photo or published replication can quite prepare you for the detailed intensity of his large pieces.
They are the presence in the room, an extension of a highly complex mind that sees and feels a multi-faceted connection with life.
Settling in to understand these pieces, one realizes they are not only deeply personal to Helmut but also deeply about Helmut himself. They are a reflection of a distinctly sharp and orderly intellect with an appreciation and sensibility for the deep insight that mathematics, history, engineering, music and poetry affords.
In some pieces, you see a wonderfully colored splash of art on top of a collage of old worn pages from books in bygone times. The placement of any given photomontage is so meticulously arranged that Helmut has managed to make the viewer think that perhaps the soft beige and cream words and images are me…

Lorena Morales' Glimmers of Time

Another catalog write-up for CAMIBA art gallery. This exhibition is up until March 10, 2018. If you've seen it, comment and tell me what you liked best about it!  

Prismatic Future

How could a futuristic environment of gleaming transparent rods, translucent color, clean lines and chrome represent the deeply intimate concept of home? It seems like the most unlikely juxtaposion but Lorena Morales in her newest exhibition, Glimmers of Time, has balanced smooth modernism with the cherished concept of home and hearth…an almost utopian definition of the past, present, and future.
Her emphasis is always on color, but in its most translucent, delicate and liquid form. Her technique of applying diaphanous color to a clear curved surface and pairing this with smooth hardware is both innovative and experimental. Spray paint, acrylics and pens are combined with polycarbonate and casted metal. This affords Morales the high degree of flexibility that contributes to her installation at CAMIBAartof …

The Argillet Collection and Dali's stunning etchings

I've been fortunate  to have the opportunity to write for The Russell Gallery. Madame Christine Argillet, the curator of the Argillet Collection was kind enough to welcome this article as a presentation of the collection. Read on to learn more....

The vast Argillet Collection gleams from wall to wall in the Russell Galleries’ expansive and new space in Austin, Texas…Dali’s tapestries, etchings, photographs are everywhere the eye can see. The striking nature of the etchings is that they are so delicate, deft and desirable.

Christine Argillet is the curator of these works and carries on the legacy of her father Pierre’s 45-year work and collaboration with Dali himself. The Argillet collection is a deeply personal one. As Christine explains, her father both influenced and brought out the best in Dali. For many summers of her childhood, she and her father would live alongside Dali as evidenced by the photographs depicting them together. As an example of their complicity, it was Pierre…

William Carson's art: The unbelievable art of coal

I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to write for CAMIBA Art Gallery. In 2017, I wrote my first catalog article for them, Fragile Beauty. William Carson's exhibition, entitled Unearth was a celebration of his works with coal. Read on to learn more....

Fragile Beauty
Maybe it was the deep textured blackness on the wall beckoning us to take a closer look, or the subtle crackling of the rock when anointed with water that engendered our silence or maybe even the box with black and shiny objects that Troy held out to us to touch that astonished in its hard richness.
No, this was not some secret ritual but perhaps one of the evocative gallery openings to be held in Austin, Texas in quite some time. CAMIBAart is showcasing the remarkably innocent and fresh William T Carson along with his artistic medium of choice: Dark black coal.
This juxtaposition between the artist and his medium is entitled UNEARTH.
The astonishing use of fresh coal to make a deep and personal connection to…

Welcome to my world of art

Making art, for me, aims to be an uplifting experience for the viewer. It is important for me to reflect and express the values I hold dear, the values like compassion, connection, communication and consideration. 
There is power in revealing that is really important, what really matters. I paint with this intention!
To see my art, head over to