Lorena Morales' Glimmers of Time

Another catalog write-up for CAMIBA art gallery. This exhibition is up until March 10, 2018. If you've seen it, comment and tell me what you liked best about it!  

Prismatic Future

How could a futuristic environment of gleaming transparent rods, translucent color, clean lines and chrome represent the deeply intimate concept of home? It seems like the most unlikely juxtaposion but Lorena Morales in her newest exhibition, Glimmers of Time, has balanced smooth modernism with the cherished concept of home and hearth…an almost utopian definition of the past, present, and future.

Her emphasis is always on color, but in its most translucent, delicate and liquid form. Her technique of applying diaphanous color to a clear curved surface and pairing this with smooth hardware is both innovative and experimental. Spray paint, acrylics and pens are combined with polycarbonate and casted metal. This affords Morales the high degree of flexibility that contributes to her installation at CAMIBAart of complex geometric shapes.

A deep look into the rods will reveal the deeply personal past of a time gone by, where we lived in community with one another, in neighborhoods of closeness. This is a time when your house was your home and your neighbors were connection. A step back from the art diminishes this vestige of the past and you see the glowing light of the future, a liquescent color where possibilities are endless, and reality is transient depending upon your perspective.

This art allows you the rare opportunity to choose your viewpoint. Walking around, peering into and gazing directly into these shafts of recorded time allows you to understand Morales’ goal of exposing the movement of time simultaneously by merging past, present and future. You realize that the common bonds we share with others are our very humanity and our trust in an expansive and almost prismatic future.

Morales’ art invites the patron to revisit the ideal visions of human life and society and a belief in progress.

Cecilia Garrec
March 2018


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